Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) - MACHINE INSIGHTS

Standard product which delivers real time process deviations and alerts to the customers. Plug and Play solution based on the latest Edge analytics and cloud storage (Optional). Real time insights provided for improving Productivity, Production and Quality based on tag information from machine systems and product information from Manual entry / ERP. The solution needs connectivity to the machine PLC from an edge server provided by Areete and tag mapped to specific fields. More >>

Live Stock IoT - AYUSHMAN

Standard Product delivers Real time information on livestock (cattle) on 4 critical features for measuring the cattle health- Heat, Food Intake, Activity and Location of cattle. The solution provides custom sensors developed with agriculture experts and cattle farmers providing relevant insights to better manage the Reproduction cycles of cattle and improve the Milk Yield from the livestock giving higher revenue and profits to the farmers More >>

Agritech IoT - ANNKOOT

Digital Solution to track the quality, yield, moisture, temperature etc.
Digital Agritech Solution helps farmers and farm owners to track the soil moisture, track and diseases on plants, yield of crop. Precision Farming is helping farmers across the globe to identify the exact causes of low produce and the solution helps in providing appropriate minerals and nutrients to the exact area of the farm. All of it can be monitored from a mobile app and hence reduce labour costs and increase profits. More >>

Track and Trace Solutions - SATHI Nav

Digital Track and Trace solution provides GPS sensors with real time dashboard and Control Tower for managing the logistics movement of vehicle. The solution gives real time alerts and insights on route, stoppage, over speeding and accidents. This helps organizations save significant amount in their logistics cost and reduce CO2 emissions. More >>