• 1. What is the Solution delivery approach of AREETE:
    Areete Solutions are standard and scalable solution and can be implemented by our partners within a short period of time and at very afforbale costs
  • 2. What is needed to implement the AREETE Digital Solutions:
    The customer needs to be clear on the reason why they want to implement a particular solution. If needed Areete Solutions can help customers with a assessment to identify the use cases and plan the entire deployment of digital solution at nominal fees.
  • 3. How will AREETE Support for post sales service:
    The products being predominantly cloud based solutions will be managed remotely for any assistance. The annual subscription includes the software support and upgrade for the solutions
  • 4. Do we need to invest in networking and infrastructure for implementing the AREETE IoTsoltuon
    Like any IoT solution, the basic requirement from customer is access to the machine PLC and control systems to extract data. The partner network created by Areete will help you connect the PLC at an optimal cost to the edge server and quickly uplink the platform.
  • 5. How much education is needed to operate the Digital Solution
    All the Areete solutions are intuitive and do not need any training. They are all ready to start using within 1 hour and has no complex digital knowledge required. The solutions are customized to be even used by farmers in fields. Areete is happy to provide introduction training of 2 hours on its products once deployed free of cost.