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Areete understands your business needs and offers you tailored fleet management solutions so that you can experience the real power of today’s connected logistics. We Understands the Logistics Industry to the Core. Our Logistics Solutions are Build With Design Thinking Methodology that helps you overcome major logistics challenges.

About Sathi-Nav

Sathi-Nav is a Digital Solution to track the product, asset and vehicle during it’s transit. The Digital Logistics solution provide GPS sensors with real time dashboard and Control Towers for managing the logistics movement of the vehicle. The solution gives real time alerts and insights on route, stoppage, over-speeding and accidents. This help organizations save significant amount in their logistics cost and reduce CO2 emissions

The solution provides end to end visibility and control to the owners and fleet operators on the movement of goods and assets.

This helps organizations save significantly in terms of


Customized Tracking Solutions

Dashboard Analytics

View fleet status through  notifications & graphical representations

Live Tracking & Play back History

Real time fleet tracking in Google Maps through web & mobile application.

Alerts & Notifications

Vehicle emergency alerts and events displayed in dashboards, notified via SMS / Email / Push Messages.

Increase Productivity

Realtime Utilization Monitoring lets user utilize a fleet in an efficient way

User, Role and Vehicle management

Admin can create application users and roles for application access, data management

Custom Features

Create Geofence, Remote Locking, sensor monitoring like fuel, door, rfid etc.


Fleet summary reports, distance travelled, journey time, excessive idling hours, Geofence breach etc.

Increase Safety and Security

Real Time Location of the vehicle will secure it from Theft