We invite you to join us as Distributors for our Digital Solutions. As a distributor you will get exclusive access and priority for all our solutions and also get host of other benefits including promotional offers, training, incentives program, rewards and Club Memberships based on performance.

Requirements for becoming a Distributor

  • Education – Minimum Graduate and aptitude to sell and support Digital Solutions
  • Experience – Building Customer relationships and support in improving their performance and profitability. Seen as a Trusted friend and partner by customer. Access to at-least 100 customers and able to build own network of customers with referrals.
  • Location- Pan India to begin with and later in selected Geographies Globally, Distributor should be located close to this captive customer base and can be from Tier 2- Tier 3 locations as well.
  • Engage with the potential customers
  • Demonstrate the solutions
  • Support in implementing the solution at the customer premises
  • Provide access to partners for activity not in scope of Areete Product delivery
  • Ensure the product is delivered and customer starts using the products
  • Educate and train the customers
  • Engage with customers for helping them benefit from the solution
  • Build a relationship of Trust and Confidence
  • Help trouble shoot with remote experts
  1. We will provide detailed training on the Product and Services to the Distributor to make them comfortable to sell and support the product
  2. We will provide detailed youtube training videos
  3. Marketing aids and local campaign support to Distributors for generating Business
  4. Involve in central programs and events
  5. Provide expert support and Generate Lead from Distributors to convert from central campaigns
  1. The customer gets a dedicated friend helping him/ her start the Digital Transformation
  2. The solution is explained and demonstration videos shown to customers to clarify all the doubts
  3. Customer agrees and subscribes to the solution online and completes the payment
  4. Solution device shipped to the customer and the Distributor helps customer set it up.
  5. In case of any difficulty the customer can contact distributor to help sort out any issues faced.
  6. Customer provided training, expert consultations and any other support needed through the distributor.

Distributors become eligible to various Rewards programs

Club membership based on parameters including Customer satisfaction, New customer acquisition, customer retention, Subscription collected, Leads generated and converted, Market Penetration based on potential for each market

Promotion Programs- Rewards based on various promotion programs launched during the year with gifts for both customers and Distributors

Conference and Training events- Attend conferences and training programs at exotic venues based on performance and club membership. Few conferences will include Family as well.

Distributor Rating for additional Incentives- Top Tier Distributors become eligible for additional incentives based on their contribution to growth of the company.

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