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Areete Business Solutions is a IoT and AI/ML Solution Company developing and delivering State-of-the-Art Digital solutions for Cattle Health and Activity Management and GPS Tracking for Cold Chain, Schools and Fleet Management to manage superior performance and increase Profitability.

  • Our Cattle Health Management solution helps Proactive Alerts on cattle activity, heat cycle and health for better care and improved productivity and yield.
  • Our Logistics GPS Tracking solution provides real time tracking and analytics for improved management and Operations control

Our IOT Solutions

Our delivery model.

Standard, Simple and easy to implement Digital Solutions

All Areete Business solutions are standard and easy to implement which can be set up and activated in short period of time of less than 1 week. 
Few solutions can be activated within 2 hours.

Affordable Solution intended to meet most requirements

Areete Business solutions are positioned to be affordable solutions with progressive opportunity to scale up as we start realizing the benefit from the solutions deployed. The Products and solutions are designed to fit every pocket. 


Areete Business solutions are based on the principle of progressive value delivery to the customers based on unique MVP (Minimum Viable Product) – This is a Lego model of progressively deploying higher complexity based on Business need and use.

Large Distribution Network of Partners and Agents

All Areete Business Products and Solutions are delivered through a unique Distribution model of partners and agents .

We are near you any time and help you scale up rapidly in your digital maturity journey. 

Our case studIES.

Track and Trace Solution

Digital Track and Trace solution provides GPS sensors with real time dashboard and Control Tower for managing the logistics movement of vehicle.

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